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Joseph Nolan & Co. Solicitors deal with all aspects of the law relating to employee-employer relationships, as set out in Irish and European employment law. There is a significant amount of legislation surrounding employer-employee relationships which entrepreneurs and business owners need to be aware of, which is why it is beneficial to seek the advice of a legal expert with regards to employment law in order to void any costly legal actions which can result from a failure to comply with the legislation.

We provide legal advice and support to employers and employees in diverse sectors including education, retail, state bodies and other public sector organisations, credit unions, airlines and insurance. We guide our clients through the often complex regulations surrounding employment law and provide a pragmatic, flexible approach.

Our employment law areas of expertise include:

  • Transfer Regulations (Tupe)

  • Outsourcing And Restructuring

  • Equality

  • Health And Safety

  • Pensions

  • Administrative And Regulatory Law

  • Industrial Relations

If you have a query relating to employment law please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our practice is located at 29 Parnell St. in Clonmel and we are open from 9am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

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